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Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise with Oriflame

How to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin effectively using Oriflame Products.

All skin needs to look and feel healthy with our ever changing climate and there's nothing better than making time for an essential routine to give our skin a good cleansing, toning and moisturising for both men and women alike. 

Here are some great tips and products for the women.  


A good routine for cleansing the skin is essential for not only removing makeup but also the dirt and grime that builds up throughout the day.  All of which can block your pores which in turn will lead to an outbreak in spots or acne.  To maintain the results that a good routine will give, you should ideally cleanse twice a day.  Be mindful though that any more than twice, can actually strip the skin of all its natural oils, leaving your skin with dry patches for those with already dry skin, and for those with naturally oily skin, it will make it even oilier.  Your glands will become more active to replace what you are essentially taking away.  

And remember to always wash your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water before starting to do anything with your face as I'm sure we all know by now that our hands are the biggest source of dirt and grime.  

Firstly, start by removing your eye makeup like mascara, eye liner and eye shadow using cotton wool or those special cotton pads by applying a few blobs of cleansing lotion.  My favourite at the moment is the Time Reversing SkinGenist Multi-Cleanser. It has a luxurious feel to it and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth.
Time Reversing SkinGenist Multi-Cleanser - £14.95 

Apply the pad or cotton wool with the cream on to your eyes and wipe very gently from centre to edge of each eye making sure all eye makeup is removed.  Then using a fresh piece wipe gently underneath to remove any residue that may be left. 

Then you will need to remove the makeup from the rest of your face, and the beauty of using the SkinGenist Multi-Cleanser is that you can use this all over the face to remove all of your make-up.  So generously apply the lotion to the rest of your face, ie. your nose, forehead, cheeks, chin, hairline and around the top of your neck. Pay particular attention to the areas that have deeper lines or creases where blackheads are likely to appear, such as the nose, near to where your ears meet your face, around the lips and neck as this is where the make-up is more likely to have built up more.  Then once the cream has been massaged in thoroughly, using a fresh piece of cotton wool or pad, start to gently wipe away the cream from your face. Work from outside in towards to centre of your face to avoid getting the lotion in your hair.   

Now we have a nice clean, fresh feeling face to move onto the rest of your routine. 


When we tone the skin, it removes all the dead skin cells from your face that have built up over time.  Not very glamorous, I know but it happens to us all I'm afraid.  Toning also removes all the dirt and cleansing lotion that is left behind from step one.  It will help to firm the skin and keep it clean and clear by leaving only the new layer of fresh, healthy skin cells.  Again, apply the toner using cotton wool or cotton face pads and lightly apply to all areas of the face that we have just previously cleansed.   

A great toner that I use on a very regular basis is from the Pure Nature range, purely because the Aloe Vera extracts have a wonderful calming effect of the skin.

Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract Soothing Toner 
Now with £2 off at only £3.95 


As mentioned before in this blog, with the elements we face today, our skin can be  left exposed and begin to lose its natural moisture and elasticity leaving your skin very dry and uncomfortable.  And this where a good quality moisturising cream is perfect. 

If we don't moisturise on a daily basis, those wrinkles start to make an appearance and we all want to avoid those where possible. Our celebrity make-up artist Gary Cockerill was heard recently at one of our exclusive events saying how important it was to prepare your skin for when it reaches maturity by starting early and so I have started using the Time Reversing SkinGenist Day & Night Creams.  With the day creams having the additional bonus of an SPF 15 for extra protection.

Time Reversing Day Cream currently on offer with a saving of £11.40 when you spend £20 over the rest of the catalogue! WOW!! 
usually £18.95 or £7.55 with offer 

When you moisturise, as well as forming a barrier to the elements, you replenish the skins natural moisture which help can prevent dry skin and the formation of wrinkles. Unless your skin is very dry, always try to use as light a moisturiser as you can. 

Simply apply moisturizer lightly to your face using your fingers.  Gently rub the cream into your forehead and work outwards from the center. Apply the cream around the eyes and massage into your cheeks and around your jaw line, onto your chin, nose and mouth. Its also a good idea to apply to your neck and throat.  Be mindful of the amount you're applying though, if the cream is too heavy or you put too much on, it will sit heavily, and prevent your skin from breathing by clogging up the pours.  

Use the correct creams also, for day-time or night-time routines.

Time Reversing SkinGenist Night Cream 
Usually  £18.95 for a limited time only £12.95

Time Reversing SkinGenist Eye Cream 
Usually £15.95, Limited time only £10.95 
or get FREE now with the night cream 

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x So, Lets all go give ourselves some smiley, happy and healthy faces x

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Manful by Oriflame

Treat your man and boost his sex appeal with this new irresistible scent from Oriflame.
Yes Please :)

Manful Eau de Toilette is an explosively tempting fragrance with a potent seductive spice of Saffron, Cinnamon Bark and enhanced with hints of roasted Tonka bean.  This intoxicating scent cries out for the intimate closeness and exudes carnal powers.  C’mon girls, who doesn’t want their man to look, feel and smell seductive and passionately sexy.
Special Launch Price - £13.95

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Sweet Dreams with Oriflame

Get your chocolate fix without all the calories.

Enjoy the delights and rich aroma of pure chocolate indulgence with Oriflame’s sweetest collection to date.  Luxuriate your skin in a calorie-free guilty secret. Limited Edition so wont be around forever.

Chocolate Dream Shower Gel
200ml - £4.95

Indulge yourself with a deliciously sweet shower using this pH balanced cleansing shower gel with the delectable Chocolate Dream, fragrance.  This shower gel leaves your skin soft and clean and smelling as sweet as delicious chocolate.  Gentle enough for every day cleansing. 30334 

Chocolate Dream Bubble Bath
300ml - £4.95

Willy Wonker’s chocolate river has got nothing on Oriflame when you’re enjoying an evening of indulgence and relaxation submerged in luxurious chocolaty bubbles.  A soap-free formulation gentle enough for the whole family. 30335

Chocolate Dream Hand Cream
75ml - £2.95

An easily absorbed daily hand cream with a dreamy chocolate scent provides much needed moisture to leave the hands feeling soft and smooth.  Indulge in the comforting chocolate fragrance while your hands receive a boost of much need hydration.  30336

Beauty Bonus – spend £20 in the CurrentCatalogue and receive all three luscious products for only £4.95 – offer code 480993.

Beauty Bonus 480993 only £4.95


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My Red by Oriflame

My Red 

Demi Moore is back and making a fresh new appearance at Oriflame with the launch with the My Red Collection.

Not only does this collection offer the stunning Eau de Parfum, My Red, it also hosts a luxurious body cream, a beautifully sophisticated handbag, chevron-crinkled scarf and all finished off with the stylish My Red Brooch.

My Red Eau de Parfum

                                             50ml  Special Launch Price £20.95 (rrp £30.95)

Sexy, stunning and tantalising My Red sets hearts on fire with this dazzling magnetism of elusive red jasmine in its opulent bouquet.  This intoxicating and modern fragrance also has notes of blossom and seduces all who smell it with heady sensuality. 

 My Red Body Cream.
Buy today together with the Eau de Parfum for an exclusive £3.95.  Alternatively to purchase separately, £7.95 250ml

Red Bag

The epitome of sophistication.  This fully lined, classic quilted bag in a stunning red colour, made with imitation leather has an adjustable golden toned chain strap with a separate compartment for mobile phones, an inner zip pocket and elegant turn lock clasp lock.  Accessorize with a touch of classic elegance.  £24.95

Red Scarf

This fully versatile red scarf will give you a sophisticated elegance for the office with its beautiful winter cranberry red colour and then take you straight through to an evening out with its Gold threads to add to its glamour and sparkle for your night on the town.  Made with chevron-crinkled acrylic and polyester material. £9.95

Red Brooch

Art Deco-inspired golden colour-plated scarf brooch with a diamond-shaped jet and black polyresin stone pendant gives you a stylish retro-chic look.   £5.95

Be intense in Red.  

Info. Add £4p&p for whole set

All available to buy from 19th October 2013

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Friday, 4 October 2013

Oriflame with Kim : Why Oriflame?

Oriflame with Kim : Why Oriflame?: Why Oriflame?       Natural Swedish Cosmetics No Schedule or 9-to-5, No Limits, No Obligation, No Minimum Orders Orifl...

New [ecollagen] from Oriflame

Re-develops collagen and re-plumps wrinkles within the skin

Wrinkles are the first and most clear sign that your skin lacks in collagen. But with the new Ecollagen Range  you can combat the signs and effects of ageing skin.  This new revolution in Anti-Wrinkle Science that is the new Ecollagen with Plant Stem Cell extract, helps to re-create collagen that has been lost with time and it re-plumps wrinkles from within.  

Here’s what Oriflame’s Skin Research Institute Director has to say on the Future of Wrinkle Reduction, Plant Stem Cells.

Plant Stem Cells are a true prodigy of nature – immortal and never-ageing.

They are the most precious cells of any plant and they give life to all other plant cells within the plant.  They have now been proven to give endless and renewable stimulation and protection of skin collagen.

Oriflame’s team of skin scientists searched through countless anti-wrinkle actives until finally, they identified a unique Plant Cell extract – the only one that is capable of boosting collagen by more than 200%  (1)

Clinically Proven: sensational wrinkle reduction

Thanks to the power of Plant Stem Cells, the newly produced collagen helps to re-plump your wrinkles from within.  Scientists managed to prove in a clinical trial that Ecollagen can reduce wrinkles by up to 1/3 in only 12 weeks  (2)

(1)     Plant Stem Cell Extracts, tested in vitro
(2) Clinically tested over a 12 period on 31 women using both Day & Night Creams.

Discover the all newly improved lightweight, paraben-free formula for yourself


Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Day Cream SPF15

A new generation of anti-wrinkle care! Formulated with the unique Plant Stem Cell extract, this day cream helps re-plump wrinkles from within and helps prevent their further formations.  New, lighter formulation melts into your skin. Paraben-free 50ml. Special Launch Price £15.95 (rrp £22.95)

Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Night Cream 

Re-plump wrinkles while you sleep.  Created with the unique Plant Stem Cell extract, Ecollagen night cream acts to fill and re-plump wrinkles from within, and prevent their further formation.  Rich, silky texture quickly absorbs into your skin.  50ml  Special Launch Price £15.95 (rrp £22.95)

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Friday, 9 August 2013

Oriflame Foot Care.

I’ve been hearing lots of really good feed back from my customers and my consultants about the Oriflame Foot and Leg Care range so decided to conduct a little experiment myself to see just if it how fantastic people have said it is.  I feel it’s very important when selling something that you actually know in detail what you are selling.  It’s virtually impossible to sell to people a product that you yourself don’t feel passionate about.

So....I neglected my feet for a while to let them get a bit crusty and rough around the edges…not nice as I do like to look after my skin but to test the products out I had to make certain sacrifices…well the feet got no TLC for a few weeks!! YUK!!

Once they were at a point where even the dog wouldn’t come near them, I picked two products from the range to test out.  The one's I decided on were the Feet Up Advanced Stimulating Cooling Relief Crackling Leg Mousse (21905) and the Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream (21889)

Day 1…

Well, just before I went to bed, I washed my feet and applied the Leg Mousse, WOW the sensation it gave to my legs felt really nice.  It has a cooling effect so it instantly made them feel refreshed.  It also crackles against your skin…very luxurious feeling legs.  I then smothered my feet in the Cracked Heel Repair Cream, applying maybe a little more than I normally would and without rubbing it in too much, so that there was enough coverage to enable the cream to soak into the skin overnight.  Then popped on some light cotton socks….I know, I know, not very attractive going to bed with socks on, but I am a single woman so no-one to impress :)

Day 2…

Well….when I woke the following morning, I just couldn’t believe the results.  After just one application, my legs looked like I’d only just moisturised them, they looked and felt very smooth.  And my feet, well it looked like my feet had never been neglected in the first place.  They were silky smooth.  There were still a few fine cracks left behind so that same evening, I repeated the process of applying both creams (and socks) and went off to sleep.

Day 3…

WOWOW…..Cracked heels literally have all disappeared.  After only two applications, my soft, healthy looking feet were back and again my legs are silky smooth to the touch and they look very well looked after. A quick coat of my Giordani Gold Lacque Brilliance, high shine Nail Polish in Royal Red (27091) and my feet are ready to don my dress and sexy shoes for my party later.  Very happy feet.

I am definitely going to keep using these creams…but I reckon I may only need to give them their much loved TLC once or twice a week from now on.  My next test…how long I can leave them before I need to show them the love they’ve received over the last two days. 

Why not give them a go yourself: 

Feet Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream - 21889 £5.95

Feet Up Advanced Stimulating Cooling Relief Crackling Leg Mousse - 21905 £3.95

Giordani Gold Lacque Brilliance - New Launch Price of £6.95


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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Lost Your Mojo?

Yep, me too for a while.  You know it's so easy to get off the beaten track when all you want to do is smell the success that is looming.  The recent amazing weather hasn’t helped one bit, kids breaking up from school, everyone on their summer holidays, the list just goes on.   Once you lose it, it’s one of the hardest things to get back.  It can be a real struggle to find the motivation to reclaim it.  One big thing to remember though is that you can’t stay in that dark place for too long because the chances are all the momentum you’ve previously built up will be lost and can even turn into full blown depression if you’re not careful.  

But there is some good news….you can get it back

I realised this morning that my mortgage isn't going to pay itself nor can I continue on my path to success by sitting on my backside thinking about getting my work done or by making excuses as to why I’ve done nothing for the past few weeks.  I need to be up and actually doing the work.  

Did you ever see the movie where Austin Powers lost his mojo and did everything he could to find it only to discover that it was hidden within him all along.   The word Mojo originates from coastal regions of South Carolina but is said to have come in some form from the slaves in Africa.  The word means “magic” even though throughout the years it has been adapted to have several other meanings.  Namely the one featured in the Austin Powers movie.  I’ve read that it was used in a voodoo like way and has the ability to cast positivity and good luck to those its cast upon.  Now whether you believe in all that stuff or not, the point I am making here is that you have access to your mojo all the time and when it’s working, then everything in life is groovy baby!! 

We’re not the first to lose our motivation, or “MOJO” whatever you want to call it, and we certainly by no means will be the last but as mine has finally arrived safely back home with me, I thought I’d share with any of you that have reached this point, some helpful tips on how to rise to the top of your game again and get your groove back on.

Don’t give up!! Here are a few very do-able ways to help you get your MOJO back:

Stress needs to be addressed:  If you are feeling down in the dumps, overwhelmed and maybe even a little stressed, take the load off and address what has brought the stress on before you do anything else.  If you know the source of why you’re feeling this way, you can take action against it and rid yourself of the problem.  Talking to someone usually helps with this.  A problem shared, is a problem halved and all that.

Exercise:  Try starting your day with a little light exercise.  Perhaps go for a brisk walk, or a bike ride.  If you’re feeling particularly fit and healthy, maybe even a nice jog.  Try not to put too much pressure on yourself though or make it feel like hard work as this can have the opposite effect and create more unease.  Something that is of interest to you that doesn’t necessarily require too much hard work should be more than enough.  Exercise clears your mind and doing it early in the morning creates a pathway to a much better day.

Find some inspiration:  When you’re feeling like you can’t be bothered, it’s so very easy to sit on the PC and play Candy Crush or whatever the current trend is, or switch on the telly or Xbox and not move all day.  Instead of sitting there wasting precious time with things that are pretty mind numbing, why not do a Google search for inspirational books or videos and take the time to actually listen or read what is being said.  Believe me, I do this on a daily basis and it really does help.  Believe it or not, however long you sit there and do nothing but zone out it is going to zap the life out of you.

Lose the blues:  This point in your life you really shouldn’t be around people who drain you mentally or physically.  Those around you that do nothing but moan and groan and lack motivation themselves and have nothing positive to say wont do your mojo any good whatsoever.  Spend time with positive upbeat people who bring fun into the activities you pursue together.  Find people who motivate and uplift you, and who are just generally fun to be around. Don’t isolate yourself. Go out and have some fun with people you enjoy the company of.

Get Adventurous:  Do something different, something totally out of sync with anything you’ve ever done before. Or do something completely for you, something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the opportunity or guts to do.  They say you ought to do something that’s makes your jump every single day.  It’s good for the heart.

Catch the Brain Train:  When you are low in yourself, and you lack motivation, your feelings tell your brain what to think so you will find yourself suddenly thinking all kinds of negative stuff and you over think everything.  Try and monitor what your brain is thinking and stop it in its tracks…if you can learn to do that, each time you find your mind wondering to the negative side, you can quickly redirect it back across to the positive thoughts and memories you have stored there.  Think of all the things you want to do and all the happy times you’ve had.  This will take time to learn though, and you have to remember to stop yourself each time you catch yourself drifting.  It won’t happen overnight but before too long, it will become natural for you to do this and you’ll find that you have more positives going on in your head than the negatives. 

Let the music play:  For me, music is a very big part of my life.  I find there are different tracks to suit different moods but music always, always lifts my spirits.  I just sing to my hearts content, much to my childrens distaste, but it helps me so much to feel alive again.  Find some of your favourite music out and just blast is as loud as is possible and sing your heart out.  Not only will it stop you thinking about all the negatives things spiralling around in your mind, it will make you feel good.  Pick songs that you love, your all time favourites from years gone by or some music that holds special memories for you.  It really works.

Look after Yourself:   When we go through tough patches in our life, we tend to mistreat ourselves.  We maybe eat high fat or high sugary foods or drink too much alcohol.  Take medication and generally don’t get enough daily activity to balance it out.  Filling up on all those kinds of things, will not help how you are feeling.  In fact it will make things ten times worse because you’ll just feel completely lethargic all the time which in turn, feeds the brain these negative yucky thoughts and makes you feel tired.. We all know, when we are feeling tired, all we want to do is lounge around and that is what we are trying to avoid here.  Try sticking to a balanced diet, and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Lots of lean meats and avoid anything that has been overly processed or has a high fat content.

Be Fabulous and love yourself:  Forget what is going on in your head, instead, pay attention to what you see in the mirror.  If you do not like what you see, then change it.  Tell yourself how fabulous you look and feel, treat yourself to a new lipstick (I can see you one ha-ha) or a bottle of fragrance, (I can sell you that too).  When you look good, you instantly feel better inside so give yourself a little makeover even something as simple as having a shave well for the men anyway or getting a new haircut.  Never compare yourself to anyone else as self pity is really not good for the mind.  We are all beautiful in our own ways and you need to remind yourself of that as you look in the mirror.  You need to take care of yourself.  When you highlight the beauty of what’s inside of you, you are automatically reflecting your self-esteem on the outside.

Great videos I found to help clear your mind and get your positive thinking here to watch.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Why Oriflame?

Why Oriflame?



 Natural Swedish Cosmetics

No Schedule or 9-to-5, No Limits, No Obligation, No Minimum Orders

Oriflame’s slogan, 'Natural Swedish Cosmetics' captures the essence of their range of unique and innovative products inspired by nature with natural ingredients and developed with the latest scientific technologies to get a look incredibly formulated without any animal cruelty whatsoever. 

Oriflame prides itself on its commitment to animal welfare and obligations to the environment, with products that are constantly being introduced that are deemed safe for use by all.  Including a range that is suitable for Vegans and lots of products that now carry the Fairtrade Logo.

Oriflame have pioneered the UK beauty industry for 40 years showing they have fabulous products and are a name you can trust. Being a Worldwide company,  Oriflame trade in 51 countries through a force of over 3.1 million Oriflame Consultants.

Open to All Over 18s, No Experience Necessary! Anyone can become an Oriflame Consultant – The Oriflame opportunity is unique.

Because of the exceptional flexibility of being a Consultant, Oriflame fits into any life style. Regardless of whether you are looking to make some extra money, turn it into a full time career or enjoy financial independence, Oriflame is suitable for you! Whether you are a full time or part time employee, self employed, working from home, a student, are retired or are a parent at home with your children. You can set your own hours and you are your own boss!

Fabulous Incentives, Recognition, Support and Proven Methods

Oriflame will support you in the building of your business and earnings. Both myself and head office will be on hand to answer any questions, and for those who put the effort in there is a monthly newsletter filled with consultant’s success and deserved recognition, there are also incentives to build your business like holidays, cash and free products.  There are always lots of current and ongoing incentives to get you going and keep you motivated.

Flexible, Fun and Home Based Way to Earn

Joining Oriflame is completely free and no-obligation. It fits around your lifestyle and commitments; there are no minimum or maximum hours and no minimum or maximum limit to what you sell.  You decide when, where and how much you do.

If you join and do nothing, so be it 
however the option will always be there, so.........

Why not?

Why not become one of Oriflame’s nationwide network of Consultants and get this with discounts of up to 35% off.  If you would like more information then please click HERE